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Monday, June 27, 2005

Live blogging C-38 at Report Stage

Okay -- a quick primer on how a bill passes the House of Commons:

  1. "First Reading" -- This is the introduction of a bill by its sponsor whether a private member or a Minister of the Crown.  The motion for first reading is "deemed adopted" once the bill is introduced;
  2. "Second Reading" -- This is consideration as to the principles of the bill.  Once the time for debate at second reading expires or the debate collapses, there's a vote -- by voice, "on division" -- meaning it passes with a register of dissent, or with a recorded division -- a standing vote of MPs;
  3. Committee -- Once it passes second reading, the bill is sent to committee for the hearing of witnesses on the bill and "clause by clause consideration" of the bill which requires that every clause of the bill and the title be voted on either individually or as an aggregate.  Then the committee "reports" the bill back to the chamber amended or unamended;
  4. "Report Stage" -- MPs may propose amendments to the bill such that similar amendments may be  grouped into votes by the Speaker, allowing for debate and votes on the  groups;
  5. "Third Reading" -- The last kick at the can -- debate on any and all aspects of the bill as amended in committee or at report stage.  A vote is held once time for debate expires or debate collapses, and it's sent to the Senate if the bill didn't originate in the Senate.

The votes at Report Stage on C-38:

  1. That clause one be deleted:  Yeas - 109; Nays - 163;
  2. That clause two be deleted:  Yeas - 121; Nays - 152;
  3. That clause seven be deleted:  Yeas - 103 ; Nays - 169;
  4. That clause fifteen be deleted:  Yeas - 102; Nays - 169;
  5. That clause 3.1 be amended:  Yeas - 102; Nays - 169;
  6. That clause 3.1 be amended:  Yeas - 102; Nays - 169; and
  7. That C-38 be adopted at Report Stage:  Yeas - 154; Nays - 124.

And the House adjourned for the day . . .

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So by my count there were about 30 MP's not voting - true? 30 votes could have tied the final vote - true?

If all the ammendments were denied, does that mean that all that talk by the Libs and NDP about being open to adding ammendments to give more protection to religious freedoms was just more hot air?? Were there any ammendments that were included??

Posted by: Just asking | 2005-06-28 1:22:34 AM

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