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Friday, August 13, 2004

Nice unintended consequence, though

CRTC violated constitution, says CHOI-FM lawyer.


"PQ leader Bernard Landry refused to condemn the CRTC decision on Wednesday, and he supported the federal government's decision not to intervene in a matter he said the courts must settle.

"But CHOI-FM is starting to receive e-mails and messages from sovereignists who say they will tear up their PQ membership cards and never vote for the party again."

Posted by Kathy Shaidle on August 13, 2004 | Permalink


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I am just relieved to discover there is something - anything - that will get Canadians annoyed enough to stand up to the CRTC and the entire edifice that sustains it.

Posted by: Ghost of a flea | 2004-08-13 10:56:07 AM

Right. The real target is the layers of cronyism, etc. supporting the decision. What is next:sensitivity training for Canucks; spatial cognizance testing for groundhogs; aroma avoidance for waste management technicians; lie detectors for elected officials, known as politicians and our public servants; and... cigars for Andre & spitoons & Mark Twain's cigars stank, too? The CRTC will get around to it at their next meeting. When do they meet next? VIVE CHOI and FREE SPEECH et LIBERTE.

Posted by: gg | 2004-08-13 11:28:03 AM

Did you read Sheila Copps' defence of the CRTC decision in the Post today. Without a hint of irony, they've stuck her "column" next to Colby Cosh's. As you may know, Cosh has been cut back to one column per week to make room for Sheila. Let that sink in.

Putting them side by side like that inadvertently throws into high relief the profound differences in talent & temperament between the two. Presuming Copps actually writes her own stuff, her work is a round up of cliches and Received Liberal Wisdom(tm). Nudging Cosh for Copps just proves that all Canadian media cares about is that you have a famous name and ancestry (Mulroney, Trudeau, Richler ad infinitem) Talent counts for far less. What was The Post thinking??

Posted by: Kathy Shaidle | 2004-08-13 11:30:36 AM

Kathy - re: "without a hint of irony" and "inadvertently" - I wonder if we haven't stumbled onto a pissing match between Jonathan Kay and Fraser/Asper.

The timing and placement of Sheila's "column" next to Cosh's may well be a coincidence, but the sloppy (or non-existent) editing? Hmmm. I have trouble believing a well-read guy who is the Comment editor of a national newspaper let some of the stuff in the column slip accidentally. Besides a spelling mistake (word/world), how about "[Ms. Frulla] is *literally* between a rock and a hard place."

I want photos!

Posted by: Jerry Aldini | 2004-08-13 4:09:50 PM

Kathy , I have no complaints about the Post running a big-name nincompoop alongside a no-name luminary. It only serves to bolster the arguments of Cosh and expose the arguments of copps.

Posted by: Pete E | 2004-08-13 4:16:02 PM

I think giving Copps a column was a huge mistake. It was fun the first couple of times when she took some shots at Martin but it isn't fun anymore. Copps' column is not even a good read like Buzz Hargrove's. The Post is at a crossroads right now. I don't think Leonard Asper is as Liberal as his father was, but I do think that there is a higher-level discussion taking place as to the editorial views of the paper.

In fact, I received a call from a certain polling firm (hired by NP) who were polling all NP subsribers as to the where on the political sprectrum they would like NP to be and who they vote for.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2004-08-13 5:36:25 PM

Yesterday Kevin Newman was talking with FNC's Caroline Shively in a segment on Iraq. I think JA and Anon. might be on to something and Canwest is going through some pretty fundamental debate over their political orientation.

Posted by: Kelvin | 2004-08-13 9:02:01 PM

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