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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Svend had a motive

Sorry, I can't find public web links to these stories referenced below.

As everyone in the country knows, Svend Robinson claimed he was under considerable stress, that he just "snapped" and for no discernable reason stole an expensive ring from a federal auction on April 9, Good Friday.

From today's Vancouver Province, page A2 "MP sought engagement ring two days before theft: Jeweller":

Two days before he "pocketed" a $50,000 ring at a Richmond auction, Burnaby MP Svend Robinson went shopping for an engagement ring -- and confided in the jeweller that he planned to propose to partner Max Riveron, The Province has learned.

Shahraz Kassam, president of Shamins Jewellers at Metrotown Centre, says he showed Robinson a $10,300 diamond ring when the veteran New Democrat visited his store on April 7...

Kassam said that during the visit to his shop, the 52-year-old politician examined a 1.43-carat diamond-and-white-gold ring.

"He said his partner likes yellow gold," Kassam recalled.

"He was casual, not excited. Casual. A typical older man looking for a ring."

Nope, no signs of stress there. Bigger than that, we now have reason to suspect that Svend's theft of the ring two days later was not as spontaneous as he would like us to believe because we now have something that prosecutors like to call a motive. He was looking for a ring; he saw a ring; he stole the ring he was looking for.

Now from yesterday's Vancouver Sun, pg. A2, in a story titled "Story of Svend Robinson's Easter long weekend and after: A chronology and comparison":

On Saturday [April 10], Robinson attends the Vaisakhi celebrations at Vancouver's Ross Street Sikh temple, where a Vancouver Sun reporter observes him standing at the podium making a fiery, campaign-style speech. With B.C. NDP leader Carole James and some federal candidates by his side, Robinson brings greetings to the holy Sikh festival from federal NDP leader Jack Layton. The reporter observes later that there was no hint of Robinson's personal inner turmoil. He appears cheerful and relaxed as he greets people outside the temple, even cracking jokes.

No signs of stress there either. Svend's version of events is starting to smell like a pile of stinky poo.

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I love the National Post analysis yesterday:

Number of Times Svend Used the Word "Sorry" or "Apology" in his statement:


Number of Times he said "I":


Posted by: Name Withheld by Request | 2004-04-18 4:06:16 PM

The link to Kevin's story:

"MP shopped for ring before he 'pocketed' one"

Posted by: Adam Daifallah | 2004-04-18 7:54:33 PM

Hmph. Maybe Paul Martin can hold an inquiry "to get to the bottom of it".

Posted by: Sean | 2004-04-19 7:25:20 AM

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